Stop TTIP hands 3,284,289 signatures to Martin Schulz

Self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative demands a hearing in the European Parliament.

Press release

Today (9 November) the President of the European Parliament, Mr Martin Schulz, received 3,284,289 signatures from the self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Stop TTIP. Representatives and activists who were present at the handover called on Mr. Schulz to follow-up with a hearing at the European Parliament.

Within its one year duration the Stop TTIP ECI collected more signatures than any other European Citizens’ Initiative so far. On 7 October 2015 all signatures were symbolically handed to the European Commission in Brussels. The fact that the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, today personally accepted the signatures is an important signal. “We are pleased that the protest against the free-trade agreements is apparently being noticed by the European institutions,” said Michael Efler, member of the Stop TTIP citizens’ committee. “We call on Martin Schulz to put into practice the promise of transparency and democracy, and to advocate a hearing and an engagement with the issue in the European Parliament as well as within the European Commission.”

The Stop TTIP alliance which counts over 500 supporting organisations, collected three times as many signatures than necessary for an official ECI. 23 countries exceeded their country quorum while according to offical ECI rules only 7 countries are required. “This great success clearly shows the remarkable strength of the opposition to TTIP and CETA throughout Europe,” said Karl Bär, a spokesperson of the European Citizens’ Initiative.

The self-organised ECI Stop TTIP calls on the institutions of the European Union and its member states to stop the negotiations with the USA on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and not to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada. It was launched on 7 October 2014, after the European Commission rejected to register it as an offical ECI. They claim that an ECI may not contain negative request, nor may it target on-going negotiations. The Stop TTIP ECI is currently pursuing legal action against the rejection at the European Court of Justice.

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