Iniciativa Europeia Contra o TTIP e o CETA

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Press release, 1 October 2015

Stop TTIP: Signature Handover Action on 7 October in Brussels

Press release and background information, 22 July 2015

New study: Ratification of TTIP and CETA in the EU Member States

Press release, 08 July 2015

European Parliament fails citizens in TTIP vote

Press release, 06 July 2015

480 organisations demand European Parliament should stop TTIP

Press release, 23 February 2015

1,500,000 EU citizens demand a stop to transatlantic trade deals

Press release, 08 June 2015

2 million sign European Citizens Initiative against EU-US trade deal

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Press release, 06 May 2015

Stop TTIP: Malmström’s ISDS proposal misses the point

Press release, 23 February 2015

1,500,000 EU citizens demand a stop to transatlantic trade deals

Press release, 13 January 2015

Europeans don’t want investor state dispute settlement in trade agreements

Press release, 09 December 2014

Juncker receives birthday surprise: One million signatures opposing TTIP and CETA

Press release, 04 December 2014

One million signatures against TTIP and CETA in record time

Press release, 10 November 2014

European Commission taken to court for ‘stifling dissent’ over EU-US trade deal

Media backgrounder Lawsuit

More information about the lawsuit at the European Court of Justice

Press release, 6 November 2014

European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP: Submission of complaint in the European Court of Justice

Press release, 19 September 2014

European Commission faces court challenge over trade talks
Alliance to launch self-organised Citizens’ Initiative on TTIP and CETA

Press release, 11 September 2014

EU Commission wants to wipe out citizens’ involvement in TTIP and CETA
European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP rejected / Alliance announces resistance

Pressemitteilung, 11. September 2014

Europäische Kommission will Bürgereinfluss bei TTIP und CETA ausschalten
Europäische Bürgerinitiative gegen TTIP abgelehnt/Bündnis kündigt Widerstand an

Press release, 15 July 2014

European Citizens’ Initiative demands: Stop negotiations for TTIP and CETA
ECI-Registration 15 July 2015 – criticism: insufficient democratic participation and weakening of standards

More Democracy (Mehr Demokratie e.V.) has commissioned an independent legal opinion, which reviews the legal legitimacy in advance. It comes to the result that ECI is admissible. You can consult the legal opinion here:

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