CETA CHECK 2.0 Trailer


Ceta Check! Trailer

Last year, with your support, we collected 3.5 Million signatures for our STOP TTIP & CETA European Citizens Initiative. Unfortunately, the European Commission and governments of EU Member States didn’t take it into consideration and are going even further by fast tracking CETA, the trade deal with Canada. This time we decided to make things a bit more direct and that’s why we went to Strasbourg to ask MEPs about their stance on CETA. And what is more exciting, we are giving you the opportunity to do the same! Go on and send your questions directly to the inbox of your MEP!

A short video summary of Stop TTIP’s critique of TTIP & CETA

TTIP & CETA – A one-way street of liberalisation

This video summarises our critique of TTIP and CETA. The agreements will restrict our options to make public policy choices and force us onto a path of privatisation and liberalisation that is irreversible.
Length: 2:08

A video on TTIP and some of the consequences the agreement would have

What is the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership?

This video made by Attac explains the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement and some of its consequences for the people and our planet. It details the problems with TTIP in a clear and engaging way, and shows why TTIP is anything but harmless.
Length: 4:08 minutes.

Information on CETA and some of its possible ramifications

CETA: An assault on democracy

This video from Campact gives an introduction to the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada and what it would mean for the people of Europe and Canada.
Length: 3:22 minutes.

A video giving reasons why TTIP should be opposed

This video features several people – from Friends of the Earth, War on Want and other organisations – explaining why they believe TTIP should be stopped.
Length: 1:55 minutes.

A video outlining the effects of TTIP for our food production and safety

Fast Track to an Empty Basket

This video from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy takes a quick look at what consequences agreements like TTIP and TPP would have on local food and food safety.
Length: 2:01 minutes.

A video outlining TTIP’s possible effects on agriculture and food production

TTIP: the countryside gone into liquidation

This video outlines the effects TTIP could have on agriculture, farmers and the food we eat. It includes interviews with MEPs, journalists and members of NGOs.
Length: 15:40 minutes.

A short introductory video on the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) procedure

TTIP Trade Deal Animation - The Most Important Thing You Need To Know (also applies to TPP)

This short video explains how TTIP affects import regulations of the countries involved and how disputes on this issue would be settled under TTIP.
Length: 1:18 minutes.

A video that explains ISDS and its consequences for our democracy and public money

ISDS – A corporate system of injustice

This video from Campact explains the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) procedure intended to be included in both TTIP and CETA, and shows how, if pushed through, it will pose a serious threat to our democracy and public money, to our environment and social rights.
Length: 3:57 minutes.