The Commission of Illusionists

The decision of the Commission to propose CETA as a ‘mixed’ agreement – meaning that it requires ratification by all national parliaments – generated mixed feelings.

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CETA State of play

CETA State of Play

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) is a trade treaty negotiated in secret between the EU and Canada that aims to further liberalise markets on both sides by getting rid of regulations that safeguard the environment and consumers.

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Let’s close the CETA shop

Direct democracy is a beautiful gift. There exists no better example of it than national referenda. Nation-altering legislation decided directly by the people, for the people. But some decision-makers apparently see this gift as a threat to their agendas.

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Mythbusting CETA and TTIP

We have taken a look at the arguments brought forward by proponents of CETA and TTIP – and the results show that a lot of whitewashing is needed to make their arguments plausible!

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A pain felt on both sides of the Atlantic

European citizens are currently raising many good points about the dangers hidden within TTIP and CETA, but what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic? Are the Americans and Canadians sharpening their knives and forks, eagerly waiting to devour the untapped markets of Europe?

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