Fax Friday is on the go!



Here at the Berlin-based office of StopTTIP it’s always busy. The phone rings with citizens asking why their MEPs haven’t pledged yet and sometimes we even get calls from MEPs asking why there is no option for voting yes to CETA!

That’s why it’s wonderful when there comes a knock on the door and there’s a smiling face outside asking if this is the right place to send a fax to their MEP! Every Friday is Fax Friday – but people are welcome to stop by any day of the week – our doors are open anytime during business hours.

Some arrive with very clear ideas about which MEP to write to and/or what kind of message to send. Most, however, are eager to hear what’s new CETA-wise first and then use the office computer and go to www.cetacheck.eu to find their MEP and start writing their message.

The greatest thing about Fax Friday is meeting people. We learn who they are, what they do and why they are against CETA. Most will say that CETA is the back-door to TTIP and that the problems entailed in TTIP such as the lowering of standards or private arbitration etc. are also present in CETA. One thing they all have in common, though, is drafting amazing messages: witty, polite and 100% to the point! Then it’s fax time and off they fax it, while listening to the fax tones buzzing in the background. No one wants to leave without a fax report confirming that their message arrived OK!

If you live in Berlin, feel free to come to our office any time. Alternatively, if you live elsewhere and own a fax machine, why not organise a fax party at your place? It gets people together and a good conversation going. We created a map with all CETA CHECK actions and fax parties around Europe we know about – send us your event and we will add it!

These faxes are important: they are real – often handwritten – messages from constituents to their elected decision-makers about an issue they deeply care about! And most significantly: they arrive right in the MEP’s office, which makes them much more visible than mails, tweets or other messages – whenever you send them!