European Parliament to vote on a TTIP resolution

by Dr Michael Efler

hemicycle_strThe European Parliament is currently working on a resolution on TTIP. A vote in the plenary assembly is scheduled for early June. And although it will be considered a non-binding decision, it could have important implications for the TTIP negotiations. This will not be a “yes” or “no” vote on the free trade agreement. The vote will be on basic principles and hopefully also on red lines that will be set for the upcoming negotiations. Even as we are writing this article, a number of EP Committees are debating the resolution. Hundreds of amendments have already been prepared and submitted. On the table are a multitude of hot issues such as public services, data flow, labour rights, regulatory cooperation…

And unsurprisingly the question of ISDS is strongly contested, too. Five parliamentary committees have already rejected the idea of granting corporations judicial privileges to sue governments over actions that could or would lower their profits, forecasts and interfere with their investments. The Commission in return is eagerly trying to overcome this resistance with a so-called „reform agenda“ that will be published on May, 6.

At the Stop TTIP ECI we´re closely observing this process and encourage our supporters to put pressure on their MEPs by meeting or writing to them over this resolution. On the day of the vote we will be reporting on the vote and present detailed voting results so that anyone can trace how their MEP voted. What is certain is that a strong resolution could send a clear message to the Commission and the Council.

What you can do to put more pressure on the European Parliament:

–  Sign the ECI

–  Contact your MEP (for Austrian and German MEP you could use these tools: or; a tool for all MEPs is currently in the making and should be available early May. Meanwhile you can use the official EP website:

–  Tweet your MEPs about TTIP and CETA each Tuesday. Find the ‘tweet of the week’ at #ttiptuesday or via our facebook page and click here to find your MEPs and their twitter contacts.