Barcelona is declared free TTIP and CETA zone

from Lucía Bárcena Menéndez
Ecologistas en Accion

Last Friday 2 of October during the Municipal Plenary Session an institutional declaration was passed to proclaim Barcelona a municipality against the signature of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

The municipal groups of Barcelona en Comú (BComú), Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and Candidatura d´Únitat Popular (CUP) added themselves to the initiative of the Catalunya No al TTIP Campaign, part of the national #NoalTTIP campaign, with 260 organizations that represent a broad areas of public interests: environmental protection, public health, agriculture, women rights, consumer rights, labor rights, public access to information and to public basic services such as education, health, among others.

The motion presented by the Campaign Catalunya No al TTIP was passed with the votes in favor of BComú, ERC and CUP, abstention from the conservative group Convergència i Unió (CIU) and from the socialist group Partido Socialista Catalán (PSC), who proclaimed, “They share the music but not the entire letter”. Two groups voted against, Ciutadans and Partido Popular. The plenary debate clearly shows who is in favor of social and environmental rights and the democratic sovereignty o the people, and puts into evidence those who voted against, who actually had no coherent information and no strong arguments to sustain their plea in favor of the TTIP. To see the plenary session: plenary session (Catalan only).

From today on, Barcelona will join the long list of European cities that have expressed their rejection to the cuts on our rights and loss of democratic values. Cities such as Lyon, Brussels, Vienna, Oxford, Milan, Amsterdam and now Barcelona have listened to the demands of civil society, that denounce the lack of transparency with which the negotiations are being dealt, that put forward the interests of transnational companies to the rights of the people and environment, and that trespass the power of our democratic institutions to big corporation and investors. The initiative was motivated by the fact that as a mean to oppose to global free trade and investment treaties it has to be done from under, with a mass of people, how we build our human castles. For this reason, we defend municipalisms as a space of debate, of decision-making, to talk about public policies that defend the rights of our neighbors, and to strengthen our small and medium local enterprises.

We call on the Town hall of Barcelona to take actions that promote access to information, public debate and research on the impacts that such treaties will have on our city. On this behalf, we also invite other European, Canadian or American municipalities declared against TTIP, CETA and TISA to organize common action (institutional, legal, informational, etc.) in defense of our interests.





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