Austrian SMEs against TTIP


Austrian entrepreneurs have spoken out against TTIP:

“We are firmly convinced that [..] SMEs, which provide the major portion of the value added and employment in Austria, would suffer massively due to the radical opening of the domestic market to multinational corporations.” (KMU gegen TTIP)

In a statement published on their website(read in English here), they call on the Austrian federal assembly, the Austrian parliament and the European Commission to stop the negotiations on TTIP immediately. Amongst other arguments, they state:

“More than nine tenths of Austria’s economy is not involved in transatlantic trade. Therefore, any reduction of intra-EU trade to favor trade with the USA would have serious negative impacts on the backbone of the Austrian economy.

KMU gegen TTIP (SMEs against TTIP) calls on other small and medium enterprises to sign the statement on their website.

More information on the effects of TTIP on SMEs:

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