562,552 Austrian citizens against TTIP, CETA, TiSA

562.552 say: No CETA/TTIP/TiSA

We are delighted at the great result of the Austrian popular initiative against the neoliberal trade agreements TTIP, CETA and TiSA.

It proves that people, when they have a voice, will clearly demand that democracy is not eroded by corporate privileges. The 562,552 signatures – collected within just one week – are a clear message: trade policy should to be for the people, not corporations!

These 562,552 signatures are 562,552 votes for a fundamentally new EU trade and investment policy that focuses on people and the environment. There are 562,552 votes for just and fair world trade. It is a clear mandate to the Austrian government and Parliament to adopt. The first step is that the National Council rejects CETA and the government pushes the EU for the withdrawal of the TTIP and TiSA negotiation mandate.

562,552 votes for a new EU trade policy – the government and parliament must stop CETA, TTIP and TiSA. We regard the high participation in the popular movement as a mandate:

  • For the freedom to govern our municipalities
  • For high-quality food from the region
  • For democracy rather than special corporate rights
  • For high standards in environmental protection
  • For the protection of our climate
  • For affordable public services
  • For the the protection of workers‘ rights
  • For fair opportunities for small & medium-sized enterprises
  • For fair world trade
  • For the preservation of cultural diversity

We will continue this effort together with the people of Austria, Europe and all over the world!

Original text can be found here: https://www.ttip-stoppen.at/