1,500,000 EU citizens demand a stop to transatlantic trade deals

As Malmström visits Berlin, Stop TTIP announces a new record number of signatures


The “Stop TTIP” alliance which consists of over 360 civil society organisations, trade unions and consumer watchdogs from across the EU today announced that more than 1,500,000 citizens have signed the self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against the TTIP and CETA transatlantic trade and investment deals.

At the same time, citizens and members of the Stop TTIP alliance are protesting in Berlin, where EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is visiting to meet with leaders of the Social Democratic Party, including Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel. Mr Gabriel has recently changed his anti-ISDS stance to one that is advertising the adoption of a reformed ISDS in TTIP. His party, however, during a party convent in autumn 2014 decided on a position that is very critical of ISDS in TTIP or CETA. Malmström is believed to visit Berlin to back Mr Gabriel to change the party line. Activists and citizens positioned themselves at the meeting’s entrances to ask delegates to stick to their “No to ISDS!”.

Michael Efler, representative of Stop TTIP’s Citizens’ Committee said:

“The European Commission is trading away our public services, consumer protection, environmental standards and in fact our democracy. 1,500,000 citizens demand an immediately stop to the TTIP negotiations and ask for CETA not to be ratified. It is time for both the European Commission and national governments to take the concerns of citizens seriously and act accordingly.”

To mark today’s occasion, the Stop TTIP alliance has released a satirical animation video about the ‘illicit love affair’ between Gabriel and Malmström behind the back of the SPD. The video shows how Gabriel changed his stance on ISDS over time and attributes this to him being blinded by love for the attractive new EU Trade Commissioner. The marriage agreement, CETA, is meanwhile waiting to be signed if nobody objects.


The satirical video about Gabriel and Malmström can be found here: http://youtu.be/uvvM_YazQ8c