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The Commission of Illusionists

The decision of the Commission to propose CETA as a ‘mixed’ agreement – meaning that it requires ratification by all national parliaments – generated mixed feelings. On the one hand civil society could breathe a small but important sigh of relief after a long and hard-fought battle and on the other, free-trade fundamentalists criticised the Commission’s proposal as ‘political’.

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We the people? Right-wing opposition to TTIP – some necessary comments

Austria’s narrowly defeated right-wing presidential candidate Hofer announced, stopping TTIP would be one of his priorities. In France, the only major political party opposed to TTIP is Front National. Germany’s AfD is a vocal TTIP critic, too. In the US, Donald Trump vehemently opposes free trade agreements of all sorts. Globalization critics on the right wing, what does that mean?

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CETA State of play

CETA State of Play

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) is a trade treaty negotiated in secret between the EU and Canada that aims to further liberalise markets on both sides by getting rid of regulations that safeguard the environment and consumers. If this all sounds familiar it is only because of the similarities with TTIP, which is still […]

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Let’s close the CETA shop

Direct democracy is a beautiful gift. There exists no better example of it than national referenda. Nation-altering legislation decided directly by the people, for the people. But some decision-makers apparently see this gift as a threat to their agendas.

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About the campaign

About Stop TTIP

We are an alliance of more than 500 European organisations running campaigns and actions against TTIP and CETA. We believe that these two trade and investment agreements must be stopped because they pose a threat to democracy, the rule of law, the environment, health, public services as well as consumer and labour rights.

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Short Introduction

This short introduction gives you the main arguments why TTIP and CETA are a threat to so many things we value and need – in less than five minutes.

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TTIP & CETA in detail

Trade agreements are very complex and can sometimes be difficult to understand. If you are looking for some detailled information on TTIP and CETA, have a look at our answers to some of the most important questions!

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Background reading

Over the past years, a lot of in-depth research has been done on TTIP and CETA. In order to help you find your way through all these informations we have assembled a list of some of the most important sources, which are definitely worth having a look at!

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TTIP & CETA – A one-way street of liberalisation
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CETA: An assault on democracy
Suing the state: hidden rules within the EU-US trade deal (7'35 min)
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